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Premium Translations, Fast Services

Harnessing my best skills after over a decade of corporate experiences, supported with professional accreditations and academic back rock, JCInc.inkingsbyJC is a tailored outfit – I only do what I am good at.


- Jes C., Principal

In her dedication to providing only the best services, Jes is committed to investing in continuous professional training and endeavors to prove that every cent the client pays for is worthy to be called premium, top-notch service. 



Her philosophy is simple:

Niche expertise = nothing less than excellence delivered


Creating value-add for customers is a win-win strategy in extending and repeating sales cycles and maximizing referral sales. To achieve this, professionalism and integrity are vital, which are two driving principles behind JCInc.


Promise 1: JCInc. will never take on any assignment that Jes is not confident on delivering quality work.

Promise 2: JCInc. believes in delivering ahead of schedule and will never breach deadlines.


JCInc. welcomes discussions on collaborations but will politely decline where the agency is not 100% confident on delivering beyond clients' expectations.