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"The client is very happy with the translation... the translation is very good! You're really a 'gem' and a true professional!"

Anthony Shang

Director of Global Operations

TVibe Corporation

"Thanks a lot! I do really appreciate your professionalism and kindness!!"


Melissa Conte

Project Manager

ISP Amsterdam – A TransPerfect Company


"I would really like to have you for the [XXX job] (again)...

(and) I’d rather like you to have the final check as your work is good."


Candy CHOI

Project Coordinator

TransPerfect Hong Kong

"Many thanks for your highly efficient work… 上次你帮我们做的翻译 创意总监非常认可 并且这一次也是他提出要再找你翻这个slogan… 我们非常信任你的能力.”


(“Many thanks for your highly efficient work… Our Creative Director was very impressed with the (branding) transcreation you did for us the last time and specified for you to translate the slogan this time round… we have absolute faith in your capabilities.”)


Sylvia Sang 桑远

Account Manager

DDB Group, Beijing

"Jes created marketing material brochures that were some 40 pages long explaining the full scope of our complex business model - broken down into simplistic terms. This was additionally made available to our clients in both English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and authorized by the compliance division for distribution in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore... (and she was) conversing routinely in both English and Cantonese.

Jes is hardworking, energetic and personable - she was a pleasure to work with and will be an asset to any organization / project she is a part of."

Benjamin Feuer

Global Head of Foreign Exchange

Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Bank

"Jes should be doing this for a living... (she) will beat all other recruitment firms."

Andrew Tang


IDRG Singapore

"Beautiful communication skills I must admit! I am really impressed with swift response.

(Jes is) a genius young lady!!"

Adel Mohamed

Arabic Linguist, AIIC Pre-candidate

Professional Translator & Conference Interpreter

太棒了, 再一次崇拜你!

(It's terrific, I'm in awe of you yet again!)


Joanna FU

Interpreting client

"Jes was patient, friendly and approachable during the entire interview, and encouraging as well as supportive -- even after the interviews, she would keep in contact with me to ensure I am doing well. Her professionalism is really commendable."

Jocelyn Ee

Recruitment Candidate

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Jes. From our first conversation, I felt she was different from the rest -- many levels higher than other HR / recruiting personnel. There were a lot of analytical processing that went on behind from just reading my resume; while others looked at grades and achievements, Jes looked at personality and potential. It was very refreshing and questions posed to me (during the interview) were very intellectually stimulating. 


Jes was very personable and patient. I was very impressed and taken aback by her astute observations. Her interview was very well structured and organized. She was very understanding and encouraging, and made sure I was comfortable."

Iris Ong

Recruitment Candidate

"Jes gives people a sense of belonging, very forthcoming and welcoming.

Someone whom have a lot under the belt to share and I'm thankful our paths crossed.

I was impressed by how much she shared and the efforts in her preparations.

Although it was just an interview, I felt I learnt from the fulfilling discussion."

Ma Huisi

Recruitment Candidate