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NAATI Certified Documents

Chinese>English document translations as required by the Australian government, schools and other official institutions, such as driving licenses, certificates, transcripts and other documents.



Remote Interpreting Services

Chinese<->English interpreting services during phone conferences available subject to advance booking. 



SEO Website Translations

Media and Advertising Transcreation & Copywriting




Resume Translations


Please contact JCInc. on rates for these services.

Do you know the differences in resume requirements between Western countries and Asian countries?


A simple example - most English-speaking countries places much emphasis on human rights and equality. Therefore, any factors in your resume that can distinguish and potentially lead to discriminatory hiring will only mean that your CV gets thrown into the rubbish bin! But in most Asian cities, you are expected to do the opposite - photographs, age and gender are common requirements expected in resumes for Asian cities. In some Asian countries, it is not uncommon to list your height, weight and even vital statistics! 


There are many resume writers out there, but how many truly understands

cultural differences and contexts between the East and West?

How many can localize your resume to fit your purpose? 



JCInc. not only offers resume writing services, but also resume translation services. We can tweak, translate and proofread your resume to perfection according to the countries you'll like to use your resume at. Resumes should not be filling in the blanks of a template or standard format - it represents who you are in essence, and is your most important tool in crossing that first hurdle to your dream job. Customizing to your specific needs when writing or translating your resume should be a given part of the service.


Contact JCInc. today if you will like to inquire more on revamping your resume.

"Thanks a lot! I do really appreciate your professionalism and kindness!!"


Melissa Conte

Project Manager

ISP Amsterdam – A TransPerfect Company


"Many thanks for your highly efficient work… 上次你帮我们做的翻译 创意总监非常认可 并且这一次也是他提出要再找你翻这个slogan… 我们非常信任你的能力.”

[Translation: “Many thanks for your highly efficient work… Our Creative Director was very impressed with the (branding) transcreation you did for us the last time and specified for you to translate this slogan… we have absolute faith in your capabilities.”] 


Sylvia Sang 桑远

Account Manager

DDB Group, Beijing




Cross-lingual Market Research, Data Collation & Analysis Translation

Capitalizing on her astute cultural understanding on most Asia Pacific countries and bilingualism, Jes will be happy to discuss projects for small businesses and corporates looking to research into their Chinese target audience or vice versa. Data can be compiled, analyzed and presented in a succinct bilingual report.



Language & Cultural Consulting for Businesses



Strategizing Business & Marketing Campaigns



Crafting Business Documents & Marketing Collaterals

Trained as a media practitioner, Jes did stints with the Corporate Communications Department of Mandarin Hotel, Singapore as well as financial communications (corporate relations & financial statement press releases) for a number of Chinese listed companies. Additionally, Jes drafted marketing collaterals (brochures, factsheets, FAQ pamphlets etc) and numerous business presentations and proposals for pitching to department heads in banks across the Asia Pacific region. 



"Jes created marketing material brochures that were some 40 pages long explaining the full scope of our complex business model - broken down into simplistic terms. This was additionally made available to our clients in both English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and authorized by the compliance division for distribution in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore... (and she was) conversing routinely in both English and Cantonese.

Jes is hardworking, energetic and personable - she was a pleasure to work with and will be an asset to any organization / project she is a part of."


Benjamin Feuer

Global Head of Foreign Exchange

Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Bank


Contact us to discuss more -- at JCInc., it's a people business. No job is deemed too small.



Corporate Website Content Copywriting

JCInc. was honored to be engaged by IDRG Singapore for the conceptualization and creation of all text content, including copywriting of the Corporate Tagline, Company Philosophy, Mission Statement, as well as all proofreading and editing on the IDRG corporate website 


It was a pleasure working with Andrew T., CEO of IDRG Singapore and Andrew Tang Organisation, and Jason Letchmanan of XSIV Designs



Recruitment Consultancy Services

The successful completion of a Prudential recruitment drive for Andrew Tang Organization (ATO) saw close to 20 financial specialists handpicked by Principal Consultant Jes Chan. 


"Jes should be doing this for a living... (she) will beat all other recruitment firms."


Andrew Tang


IDRG Singapore


More testimonials by recruitment candidates can be found here.


With over a decade of corporate experiences in the finance industry marketing, servicing and collaborating with various departments on both buy-side and sell-side, Jes' acute knowledge on the innings of different types of financial institutions and their structural workflows as one of her forte. Combined with an interest in the recruiting aspect of Human Resource functions, Jes is always happy to discuss plausibility on recruitment projects.


Currently, Jes is undertaking the Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) courses with the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC), the top training and accreditation association in this field globally. Visit PARW/CC website here.




NATIVE Proficiency


Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese






Cantonese (Hong Kong)

Minnan (Taiwanese)




Singapore (home country)


Thailand (speak some Thai)



Taiwan (main corporate clientele)

China (main corporate clientele)

Hong Kong (resided & worked for 3 years)

Korea (speak some Korean)

Japan (took Japanese as elective)



Banking & Finance

Business & Marketing

Legal & Court Related

Media Communications

Beauty & Fashion

Health & Lifestyle

Entertainment News