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Interchangeable Translation & Interpreting Techniques 贯穿套用笔译及口译技巧

Under immense pressure from a tight client rush job deadline, my speed shot from 250 source words per hour to 800 words an hour translating a news opinion for the People's Daily yesterday. Of course, the topic of international trade relations, economic growth and oil trading were not contexts unfamiliar to me after years of sales trading in investment banks and other financial institutions. And after all, I was once a trained media practitioner and vaguely still recalled the laws of journalistic writing. Still, it was a personal best in record timing that surprised myself. There had to be a reason, other than duress. 


在客户临时赶工时限的巨大的压力下, 我昨天给人民日报的一篇新闻社论做笔译时, 翻译速度竟然从每小时250的原文字数飙到一小时译800字。 当然, 所涉及的国际贸易关系、经济成长、石油贸易等课题并不是我所陌生的语境内容。 再者, 我毕竟曾经受过大众传播媒介训练, 对于媒体撰写的文法还是有点儿模糊的印象。 不过, 这个笔译速度上的个人最高纪录还是让自个儿都吃了一惊。 当中肯定蕴含什么理由吧, 压力的胁迫除外。

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JCInc. is honored to be a member of the AUSIT Communications & PR Committee

About Us

The Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) is the national association for the translating and interpreting profession. Our members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and follow continuous professional development. This gives you the opportunity to choose from a pool of experienced and qualified translators and interpreters. AUSIT is committed to providing a forum for exchange, fostering the development of professional relationships with fellow translators & interpreters, agencies and language service users, government departments, tertiary institutions and other industry stakeholders, and promoting ethics and quality standards through the industry. AUSIT holds events and training workshops throughout the year to provide members the best opportunities to grow as translators & interpreters. This includes two signature events - the AUSIT National Biennial Conference and the AUSIT Excellence Awards

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Theory & Practice 理论与实践

In the field of translation, I've had many conversations with peers and professionals about the practicality of learning theories on translation studies and its application. What I'm about to touch on, applies to any career, any field, and any situation really. 

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跟臺灣好友聊天, 她問起新加坡慣用的Singlish中, "abuden"什麼意思。其實就是台灣人愛說的: 「啊不然咧~」 


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第五届北京语言大学口笔译大赛 - 荣誉证书

Many thanks to Beijing Language and Culture University for mailing my award certificate from Beijing, China all the way to Melbourne, Australia. It was with much regret that I could not attend the Prize Awards Ceremony on 7 April 2016 and meet many professionals and top students in this field. 


Along with my prize -- two books which I suspect will soon become my Bible in Translation!


With much gratitude,

Jes Chan



很遗憾, 本人无法抽身到北京出席4月7日的颁奖典礼, 没能和业界的佼佼者及专业人士见上一面。 


附上的两本“奖品”, 想必不久的将来会成为我的翻译圣经!




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华人哀悼往生者的习俗是49天。 我当时于莫纳什大学(Monash University)才念了一学期的翻译课程,怎么也不曾考虑过参加比赛, 更何况是北京语言大学办的国际性口笔译大赛。 不过, 正是父亲的过世激发了我参赛。 我一向是个不太积极、偏懒散的「无拘无束派」, 这次却卯足了劲儿参赛 - 势必得奖,以悼念父亲。

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Why I entered a translation competition during my father's mourning period

The Chinese believe in mourning for the deceased for 49 days. I had barely finished one semester of translation studies with Monash University and would never have thought of entering any competition, let alone an international one like the Beijing Language and Culture University's Annual T&I Competition. But it was precisely my father's sudden passing that prompted me to do so. I was always more of the nonchalant, procrastinating type. Never the competitive sort. But this time I had a goal - I wanted to try and win at this competition in honor of my father.

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牡丹的拒绝 - 张抗抗 as Source Text for The 5th Annual BLCU International Translation and Interpreting Competition 第五届北京语言大学国际口笔译大赛 Chinese-English Translation Category

5th Annual BLCU International Translation and Interpreting Competition

第五届北京语言大学国际口笔译大赛 | 第五屆北京語言大學國際筆譯大賽

Chinese-English Translation Category

汉译英笔译组 | 漢譯英筆譯組

Winners List得奖名单得獎名單


Source Text 原文: 张抗抗 「牡丹的拒绝」 | 張抗抗 「牡丹的拒絕」

Winning Entry 得奖译文 | 得獎譯文: Jes Chan - The Peony's Way of Saying No


Downloadable in PDF:

牡丹的拒绝 .pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 116.1 KB
The Peony’s Way of Saying No .pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 84.9 KB

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如果企业是工厂, 工作是机器, 那我们不就成了众多机器的一个螺丝?

在美国, 任何学士学位都是先经过两年的通才教育。 学生必须从文科、理科任选科目, 修满了学分便得副学士学位, 然后晋升理想科系修读学士学位。



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