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Who is JC?

The story behind JCInc.

JC, the initials of Jes Chan, founder and Principal Consultant of JCInc., short for JC Incorporated (registered as JCI Global in Singapore and Australia) decided to switch careers after over a decade of corporate life in finance, mostly in interbank sales trading. At the peak of her career, she left her position as Vice President of the Asia Pacific Foreign Exchange Agency with Société Generale Corporate & Investement Bank in Hong Kong to commence her Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies with the top Australian university in this field -- Monash University. There are only 39 members of CIUTI (Conférence Internationale d’Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes), the oldest and most prestigious international association of universities offering degrees in translation and interpreting, and Monash is the only Australian university to have been accepted as a member since the association was established in 1951. 


JCInc.,inkingsbyJC embodies the corporate philosophy of JCIncorporated. Tapping on her academia from a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Ottawa University) and as a trained media practitioner with a Diploma in Mass Communications (Ngee Ann Polytechnic), Jes undertook stints as a national radio Mandarin deejay, advertising, corporate communications, financial communications, education and recruitment consultancy. Coupled with a successful sales track record in Asia Pacific, with particular focus on China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia markets, JCInc. is a boutique outfit with the goal of providing various services, mostly written work, that Jes has acquired both contextual knowledge and pragmatic experiences in. In short, JCInc. is a nimble, flexible boutique agency that only takes on work that can offer the best, tailored solutions for clients by capitalizing on JC's fortes. Thus, inkings by JC

Why Choose JCInc.?

Because we only do what we are best at. Don't just take our word for it. Trust the professionals.


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Because we can tell you with certainty, who REALLY is doing the work that you commissioned.


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At JCInc., we believe in investing in long-term client relationships - integrity and transparency is therefore the core of our business.


We will not reveal any information furnished by you during our correspondences (such as by posting sample works of confidential documents), or pass your job along with your details to unaccredited freelancers or amateur part-timers. 


We take pride and ownership in every job we take on - be it work on a corporate scale, or commissioned by an individual.


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... the story behind JCInc. continued


Jes' Chinese name is 欣慧, which means to appreciate wisdom (欣赏智慧). But she was often fondly called 潔斯 by her Taiwanese clients, many of whom she counts as her best friends now. In brainstorming a Chinese tagline for her own firm, it was easy to connect the dots between JC and 潔斯 (she owe plentiful thanks to her alma mater Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Film & Media Studies for instilling the creative advertising mojo in her till today!). The play on Chinese characters easily spun off JCInc.'s Chinese tagline -- 敏捷思绪 and in turn, agile thinking with an infinity symbol in between. 


After all, be it business acumen, strategic marketing, recruitment interviews, creative writing, translating work or interpreting... the common denominating skill set is a quick-witted brain stretching beyond boundaries. 


And thus, JCInc.inkingsbyJC was born. Driven by one motto: agile thinking∞敏捷思.